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Kyle McBurney

Kyle McBurney

Owner of KSM Web Design. Web Designer based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

How to Start a Business: Step to Success 2

Make A Plan

It used to be my opinion that to start a business required action. Get busy and stay busy and eventually you’ll succeed. Beng industrious is important but taking time to plan is vital. So many times, after many months of effort I look back and wish I’d done things slightly differently. I WISH I HAD PLANNED BETTER. How do you go about making a plan?

Mission Statement

Begin with a clear objective and end goal in mind. Is this business about simply making a living? Is it about making extra income on top of your job? Is it about affecting how people think? Is it for your own self esteem? Writing a mission statement can help you see what you want to achieve. Writing it and referring to it regularly can help you stay focused when the inevitable nitpicky details come along and try to drown out your original reasons for starting your business.

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